Why use Pisces Media for your entertainment needs.

Pisces Media is here to make your life easier. We do it all, so you don’t have to. We will manage all your entertainment and advertising needs so you can focus on your day to day tasks of managing your venue.

We work with all the local bands in the area. Our goal is to focus on not oversaturating an area with the same bands. The bands and entertainment never have the venues best interest in mind. They JUST WANT TO PLAY. Which means that they are trying to get into every venue in the area and are not overly concerned about attendance at your venue. They want to play and get paid. Unfortunately, this causes over saturation in one area which breaks the fan base. If they are playing at your venue on Friday Night. They have no problem with going to the venue down the street to play on Saturday night. This does not work for the bands or the venues. Our goal is to stop this from occurring. The less they are in the same area. The better the attendance will be.

That is why we work with multiple venues. Allowing us to book those bands efficiently and effectively, keeping the venues best interest in mind, while keeping the entertainment busy at other venues not so close to yours in any given time period. Pisces Media is on the road evaluating entertainment, venues and client response on a continual basis and have thorough understanding of what is required to make everyone happy.

We know every band in the area extensively. We know the strengths and weaknesses and we only book the best entertainment. Keeping in mind which bands have a following to ensure your seats are filled.

Why use us for you advertising and social media campaigns?

Pisces Media creates the most eye-catching advertisements you can find. You have only a few minutes to catch the eye of your potential clients as they are scrolling through their social media feeds. Catching the eye is very important in today’s fast paced world. Though we are a very young company we have years of marketing experience. Whether It is print or digitally delivered we provide the best formats and layout that provide the attention that you are looking for.

Facebook and Instagram have proven to be a great advantage to gaining notoriety in your community. Over 60% of the residents in New Jersey are on Facebook. In fact, actually 75% of those users never log off. While they may not be staring at the screen the entire day, notifications are streaming in and when the chance arrives, they check their Facebook. So Social Media is a great advertising tool.

Facebook Events

Facebook’s organic reach (that is, the number of fans your posts reach without paid promotion) has been declining considerably.

Using the “events” Facebook feature is a powerful and under-appreciated way to counteract that trend, and some recent changes to how events work make them more useful than ever. There’s evidence that Facebook is actively working to make events even more relevant, because the more people interact with events, the more time they spend on the social network.

Facebook events represent a powerful and under-appreciated way to counteract the trend of declining organic reach. In fact, some relatively new features of events make them more useful than ever.

Why Facebook Events Rock

Facebook now provides two forms of RSVPs — “interested” and “going.”

The “interested” option allows people to indicate they might go but haven’t decided for sure. This provides a more accurate reflection of how people behave when it comes to attending events. By indicating that they are “interested,” people receive notifications, without being definitive about their attendance.

Every time someone RSVPs that they plan to attend or are “interested,” a notification is created in their news feeds:

“Jane Doe is going to (or is interested in) Your Event.” This helps spread the word about whatever you’re offering, even to people who aren’t fans of your Page – this means event RSVPs promote your Page, as well as your event.

Fans of your Page can “subscribe” to your events feed.

Fans of your page can opt in to getting a notification whenever a Page posts a new event – the “subscribe” button is located in the upper right of the “Upcoming Events” box. (In fact, for personal Facebook use, this can be a great way to keep up-to-date on the events of community organizations, concert halls, theaters, or other promoters whose events you particularly enjoy or wish to support).

Facebook is now providing users with ads and notifications about “related events” – in short, making recommendations about other events that might be of interest nearby.

This is another way that Facebook is emphasizing events more than ever before! A “Related Events” tab is visible anytime users open any Facebook event, and when users RSVP to events they often receive event suggestions based on everything Facebook knows about their interests (which is, ahem, rather a lot). So, as your event gains traction, it’ll be pushed to people in your area who Facebook thinks might like it.

When individual users click the “events” tab on their profiles, they’re flooded with relevant event information.

A huge, personalized events listing page appears, including a variety of sections: events to which you’ve been invited or have RSVP’d to, “events happening this week,” next week’s events, and several sections of events that Facebook chooses for you — “events popular in your network,” “related to your events history,” and “popular events nearby.” As always, Facebook is paying attention to what your interests are, and tailoring what you see accordingly — and clearly, Facebook doesn’t want you sitting at home, alone and bored.

As an event approaches, people who have been invited but haven’t given a response, as well as those who have RSVP’d or indicated interest, will receive a notification that the event is coming up.

In other words, Facebook reminds your audience for you while you’re busy preparing to throw the event itself! What could be better?

Facebook now allows you to create events and schedule them to post later.

It used to be that an event automatically posted when you created it. But as of February 2016, Facebook now allows you to create an event and schedule it to post later, in the same way that you can schedule status updates in advance. Simply create the event as you normally would, and then click on the arrow beside the “publish” button in the lower right corner in order to toggle to “schedule.”

Events feature their own Insights.


• Pisces Media will manage your entertainment scheduling needs as well as provide social media management for Facebook and Instagram, including but not limited to event creation which is the best free advertising on the internet today.
• Pisces Media will provide entertainment images directly related with branding of establishment to provide a professional look for all event.
• Pisces Media will create advertising images for meal and bar specials as well as other events not related to entertainment such as Superbowl, Holidays etc.

Proof of Work

The Jersey Shore Restaurant and Bar Scene has begun to take advantage of Pisces Media especially during the active summer months when the locals have a wide variety of entertainment possibilities. Ensuring your local and visiting customers recognition of what is going on at your establishment is crucial in every way. We currently work with EJs Tap House, The Beachcomber Bar and Grill, Bum Rogers, Joey Harrisons River House , As well as promotion of most Bands and other entertainment sources on the Jersey Shore.

I would like to sit down with you to discuss in more detail how we can help you.
We do it all, so you don’t have to.
Focus on your expertise. Let us bring in the people and entertainment!

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