About Us

Over 6 years ago I was attending a nice Sunday afternoon at a bar that had live entertainment. I saw this band playing (Katfish Lucy- Credit where credit is due) that honestly made me feel the music they were playing. I thought to myself. This is what music is all about. Feeling the emotions and the soul of the story that was being played. I decide to start creating graphics and social media posts to promote the band that grabbed my soul.  The venue then began to share everything that I was promoting in print as well as social media.  I thought to myself.  I can make a difference doing something that I enjoyed.  I approached the management of the Venue and stated who I was and that I would like to make a business agreement to do more. Not only the entertainment but also for all their advertisement needs. The Venue at first no. So, I stopped promoting like I had before. 30 Days later the Venue called me and stated that they would like to take me up on my offer. And that was the Start of Pisces Media. Since that time, we have been working with many other venues on the Jersey Shore. We currently manage all bookings at EJ’s Tap House, Various Bookings at Bum Roger, The Beachcomber, Various Locations for MJ’s Bar and Grill, Cornerstone Kitchen and Tap, Porta in Asbury Park

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