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Why use Pisces Media for your entertainment needs.

Pisces Media is here to make your life easier. We do it all, so you don’t have to. We will manage all your entertainment and advertising needs so you can focus on your day to day tasks of managing your venue. We work with all the local bands in the area. Our goal is to focus on not oversaturating an area with the same bands.  The bands and entertainment never have the venues best interest in mind. They JUST WANT TO PLAY. Which means that they are trying to get into every venue in the area and are not overly concerned about attendance at your venue. They want to play and get paid. Unfortunately, this causes over saturation in one area which breaks the fan base.  If they are playing at your venue on Friday Night. They have no problem with going to the venue down the street to play on Saturday night. This does not work for the bands or the venues. Our goal is to stop this from occurring. The less they are in the same area. The better the attendance will be. That is why we work with multiple venues. Allowing us to book those bands efficiently and effectively keeping the venues best interest in mind, while still keeping the entertainment busy at other venues not so close to yours.

Why use us for you advertising and social media campaigns?

Pisces Media creates the most eye-catching advertisements you can find. You have only a few minutes to catch the eye of your potential clients as they are scrolling through their social media feeds. Catching the eye is very important in today’s fast paced world. Though we are a very young company we have years of marketing experience. Whether I t is print or digitally delivered we provide the best formats and layout that provide the attention that you are looking for. Facebook and Instagram have proven to be a great advantage to gaining notoriety in your community. Over 60% of the residents in New Jersey are on Facebook. In fact, they actually 75% of those users never log off. While they may not be staring at the screen the entire day. Notifications are streaming in and when the chance arrives, they check their Facebook. So Social Media is a great advertising tool.

How we became Pisces Media

Over 6 years ago I was attending a nice Sunday afternoon at a bar that had live entertainment. I saw this band playing (Katfish Lucy- Credit where credit is due) that honestly made me feel the music they were playing. I thought to myself. This is what music is all about. Feeling the emotions and the soul of the story that was being played. I decide to start creating graphics and social media posts to promote the band that grabbed my soul. The venue then began to share everything that I was promoting in print as well as social media. I thought to myself. I can make a difference doing something that I enjoyed. I approached the management of the Venue and stated who I was and that I would like to make a business agreement to do more. Not only the entertainment but also for all their advertisement needs. The Venue at first no. So, I stopped promoting like I had before. 30 Days later the Venue called me and stated that they would like to take me up on my offer. And that was the Start of Pisces Media. Since that time, we have been working with many other venues on the Jersey Shore. We currently manage all bookings at EJ’s Tap House, Various Bookings at Bum Roger, The Beachcomber, Various Locations for MJ’s Bar and Grill, Cornerstone Kitchen and Tap, Porta in Asbury Park


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